I hated the theme. ‘Entire Game On One Screen’. I mean, that’s not really a theme, just looking at it, it’s a constraint. I do not like constraints. HOWEVER, it’s only a constraint on the surface. I turned it into a feature, other participants did other things. You could also make it into a game centered around a screen, using different meanings of ‘on’. It could be ‘about’, for example.

So the theme was workable, it just took too long to come up with an idea that worked. I did eventually come up with this little doodad.

 It is unfinished, cos I ran out of time. This resulted in

  • A rubbish title
  • No keybinding
  • The worst end sequence
  • A few elusive bugs
  • Short Music

I also really wanted to add a bunch more features, such as

  • More uses for electricity and wires i.e Lights, water pipes etc.
  • More hazards i.e Exposed Wires
  • A better death sequence
  • An actual storyline
  • More electrical components for some puzzles
  • Better graphics and backgrounds

These features would have meant I could add some decent puzzles, as well as a dark room I really wanted to add, with flickering lights.

The main factory also isn’t exactly what I envisioned, as I ended up rushing it near the end, with a lack of implemented features.

Also, I don’t intend for The Monitor to be evil at all. It’s a properly coded AI, without evil capabilities!

Had I had more time, this game would have been feature-packed, with tonnes to do as well as humor, darkness and disruption. But this is Ludum Dare, not everything is perfect!

Despite all this I did learn/teach myself some pretty cool things:

  • An actual working wire system
  • Some good optimization techniques (for HTML5)
  • A sort of slapped-together-but-could-easily-be-improved story system

I’m not too disappointed in the result, because I did make a playable game. I just don’t think it’s as good as my Ludum Dare 30 entry. That was rad.

But yeah. Give it a play here if you want.

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