I’m back, I’ve updated the website, and I’m getting into new things!

Yup, I’ve been quiet for a while, but between travel, work and studies, keeping everything updated has been hard. Though I have been up to some interesting things!

I started a bunch of software development in Java, and plan to release a really easy to use Java game maker before the next Ludum Dare, as well as the pixel arting program I’ve wanted to create for a long time.

I’ve not done so much gamedev in the past few weeks, other than some 3D modelling and looking at unity — For future prospects, don’t expect any rad 3D games very soon!

Despite this, ‘of Light and Dark‘ did pretty well last ludum dare, about 250 places better than my last entry, placing at #254 overall, so I am highly considering making the start of the game it was based on, releasing a demo and getting some feedback on that, so I may start working on my first full adventure game soon!

On top of this, I’ve started developing WordPress themes, such as the one this website is running. I’ve made another, that has a video background, that just needs some polish in order to be released, and that’ll be available to buy!

Currently, neither of the themes are on sale, but will be shortly.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now, hopefully the next update won’t be so far away!


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