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Want to play a game? Well of course you do! Why else would you be here! Pick a game from below to play it!


Games which are considered complete. These games may still receive updates.


Missile Surfer

MaddeStudios first mobile game!
Download for Windows or Visit the page to get it FREE on Android™!

Baby Kicker: EXTREME

A totally silly game about kicking babies. Don't kick em' in real life, though

(this has been minified. View it full-size at


Demo's of games that are not yet finished, but are still under some level of development.


Potat0wned: Fully Baked

Based on the Ludum Dare entry, "Potat0wned" is a taste of the full game!
More info and windows download on the website.

Jam Games

Games in this section were made for jams. These games were usually created within a 48 hour time-frame


Beneath The Mirrors' Surface

A game built for Ludum Dare 29.
A short story, using mirrors as a puzzle aspect
This version has an improved menu and better controls

Of Light And Dark

A game built for Ludum Dare 30.
Switch between dimensions to get to a ladder.


A game built for Ludum Dare 31.
Play as a robot in a derelict factory.


A game built for Ludum Dare 32.
Here for completeness' sake, the original version of Potat0wned.

Archived Games

Games in this section were made a REALLY long time ago, back when I started out learning. There just here in case anyone's interested. Windows download only, no HTML5, I'm afraid


Tales Of Queegey

One of my earliest projects, "The Tales of Queegey" was my attempt at a real time RPG, inspired by LoZ. It may never be completed, but it did inspire my future. It goes up to the first boss, and that's about it.
I can't remember the exact controls, but arrow keys are for movement, and SHIFT, Z, X, C and V all do something.


"Nucleus" is a game I made for Ludum Dare a while ago, under the theme "evolution". I put it in this category though, as I consider it one of my "rubbish" projects.
The objective in this game is simple: survive every wave of other organisms.