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  • [GMS2] Meet the Camera System

    [GMS2] Meet the Camera System

    I’ve seen a lot of questions regarding cameras, so I’m aiming to make this into a sort-of definitive guide for using them! Hence, if I’ve got something wrong or there are better ways of doing something, tell me in the comments and I’ll update it! I will leave a (dd/mm/yy) formatted date here, so you […]

  • [GMS2] Getting Started with Room Layers

    I will leave a (dd/mm/yy) formatted date on this post, so you know when it was last updated: 18/09/19 — Moved the guide to my website and made formatting tweaks (the last content update was 28/11/16 – Added layer position and speed functions) Updated layer_create as layers can be created with names after all! Updated […]

  • [GMS2] Getting Started with 3D (Project Download)

    [GMS2] Getting Started with 3D (Project Download)

    I will leave a (dd/mm/yy) formatted date here, so you know when this guide was last updated: 19/10/20 Added some info about texturing Moved the post to my website tested with the latest version of GMS2, changed FPS to 60 added info about transparency and 3D Added more correct info about the negative aspect ratios […]

  • [GMS2] Function Overrides/Substitution using Macros

    Function overrides – what are they, and how do they work? By using macros, you can make a function call a script instead, thanks to the fact that macros essentially act as a global Find-n’-Replace, effectively Overriding the original Function. Why might you want to do this? Why not just have a wrapper script and […]