Hi! Hello!

I’ve been a little busy fixing some things up on my website! I’ve removed the broken twitter widget (it’s likely you came here from there anyway), stopped the navbars from hiding themselves and done some other neat stuff!I also fixed the carousel showcase thing so it actually is somewhat usable on mobile!

There are also a couple of changes that free up screen real-estate as well as improve accessibility. I bumped up the main content width a little too, up to 840px, since it’s quite common for people to have displays over 1360 pixels wide now and this gives a little more room for code. This was a little finicky, since me-from-5-years-ago apparently though magic fixed numbers everywhere was okay, and the site was locked at 768px wide. That’s fixed now and I can tweak it as needed. Some stuff on the site is still from a few years ago and needs an update, but it’s not super high priority.

Because I like writing code and tutorials and stuff, mainly for GameMaker, I’ve made some useful tools! Now I can add syntax highlighted GML blocks to my page, that can even automatically link back to documentation! It’s pretty neat and I think it will make tutorial/guide stuff way more easy to follow. Here’s a quick example:

? Script: is_value_nice(value)
///@arg value//Shows a debug message when value == 69var value = argument0;if(value == 69){ show_debug_message("Nice!");}

All the highlighting is done by CSS classes, so you can customize it easier with a browser plugin, if you need to.

I also added spoiler-like hideable regions so I can organize tutorials within smaller sections like I did for my guides on the forums! Give the titles a click to toggle them! (they are always open if Javascript is disabled though)

Here’s a little demo of that:

I’ve decided not to animate the opening and closing of these. It’d be pretty, but kinda unnecessary.


I also added a Light Theme! You can toggle this if you have Javascript enabled with the “Light Mode” button in the top menu. Unfortunately, this also means I had to add a cookie policy thing, even though it literally only records “lighttheme=true/false” to keep the theme between pages and sessions. But hey, if it means more people can use the site, it’s an issue I can live with.

I haven’t updated the Game Corner page yet, so that does still need a refresh. If anything else looks funky or is an accessibility issue for you, let me know and I’ll try and fix it!


Hopefully I can provide some cool info in a more easy-to-read way now! Thanks for looking!

ok thanks love you bye ?