Too Many Birds!™ Out Now!

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Pet, clean, care for and talk to birds!
Now with new feeding, playing and dress-up features!

Potat0wned: FULLY BAKED

The (s)Mash Hit "Potat0wned", a game built in 48 hours for Ludum Dare, is getting a full version with new features! Maybe! When I get round to it!

Visit the site for more details!

Game Corner

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I hated the theme. ‘Entire Game On One Screen’. I mean, that’s not really a theme, just looking at it, it’s a constraint. I do not like constraints. HOWEVER, it’s only a constraint on the surface. I turned it into a feature, other participants did other things. You could also make it into a game centered around a screen, using different meanings of ‘on’. It could be ‘about’, for example. So the theme was workable, it just took too long...

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So, the theme this month was “Beneath the Surface”, and, with the help of a white board and much scribbling, and idea was created. The game is set within a mirror world and tells a short story. Give it a play, if you can, here, and visit the Ludum Dare Page here.  

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